8-Week Programmes

  • 8-Week Specific Plan

  • FREE Consultation

  • FREE 30-Minute Explanatory Session

  • Progressive Sessions


We all have different training goals, likes and dislikes. With a FREE consultation, we can design a programme suitable for you accounting for your training availability and ability. Each plan is made specific to your goals with no 'pre-made sessions' so we can make sure you enjoy the session as much as possible.


We can work remotely via video call and email in the consultation or in person at The University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus. Each client will receive a bounded booklet of their plan (if appropriate) and is entitled to a FREE explanatory session to ensure you know exactly how to train and answer any questions.


Lockdown Plans

  • 6-Week Specific Plan

  • FREE Online Consultation

  • FREE 30-Minute Explanatory Session

  • At Home or Outdoor Design

When gyms closed we found ourselves lost. Across the two national lockdowns, our Lockdown Training Plans have been popular. We utilize everyday objects, furniture and even use the stairs in our lockdown programmes. If you have your own equipment we account for your dumbbells or resistance bands when we design your programme.


Training at home can often feel repetitive which is why we create these programmes specific to you and ensure that the weeks are progressive to avoid repetition and ensure you reach your goals. All consultations, explanatory sessions will take place online and you will receive a PDF of your plan.


Programming and Peridozation

  • Programming for multiple sessions

  • Peridozation for competition

  • Allowing Rest and Recovery

  • 10% OFF all online orders

Aspiring Athlete? Or just trying to get the most out of your training days? Programming effectively is a difficult task when it comes to sports performance and build-up to the competition. We have created this service to help you receive the best programming suitable to you. This service involves looking at your session intensity, training days, pre/in-season training, rest and recovery and ensures you are training correctly for your sport or competition. 


We work remotely via Microsoft Teams or in person at The University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus. Click below to see how we can work together.


Ready Made Plans

  • Mobility Booklets

  • Olympic Lifting Booklets

  • Weight Loss Booklets

  • Bodybuilding Booklets

  • Functional Training Booklets

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