Standard Assessment

  • Technical Fault Identification

  • Verbal Cues

  • Technical Model Provided                           (if appropriate)



Sometimes in training, we just need a quick fix. This may be the case for many of your lifts. A simple technical fault due to a lack of execution knowledge can easily be fixed with the correct cues. However, this isn't always as simple as it seems. 

We assess your technique on your lift or movement through looking at your set up, joint movement and synchronization. This can be a difficult skill and requires a good knowledge of biomechanics and the technical model. This is an online service and we will require video footage

If we find no technical errors you will not be charged for this service.


Advanced Assessment

  • Full Movement Screening

  • Mobility and Strength Tests

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Corrective Cues

Technical errors or pain when lifting is never a one answer response. We often need to look at a range of joints, strength tests and mobility. This advanced assessment will take you through the appropriate tests to determine the cause of your problem. We will also provide corrective exercises or movement adjustments to help reduce your pain or improve your technique. 


Our advanced assessments take place at The Univerity of Gloucestershire [Oxstalls Campus] and involve movement tests. We will require video footage prior to our full assessment and some background information to the injury, pain or movement inability.

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