Sports Massage

All our massage services and treatments have been made 'COVID-19 secure' and are regularly updated following government guidance. Clients and Therapist are required to wear a mask during the session and any equipment we use for your treatment will be cleaned before and after use. An alcohol-based hand rub will be used by the therapist prior to your treatment. We have also waived any cancellation fees in the event of any self-isolation requirements.

We are currently not accepting bookings for our Sport Massage services as per Government Guidance. All sessions are postponed until further notice. 


Maintenence Massage

  • 45-Minute Massage

  • Excellent for Recovery

  • Self-Care Massage Available

Pressure Point Massage

A maintenance massage may be just what you need. Sports massage can help to enhance recovery and also improve your mobility by tackling tightness and soft tissues dysfunctions. Clients will receive a 45-minute massage at their site of choice.

Fancy a self-care day? We can also provide a full body massage as a relaxation session. Often life can become overwhelming and in order to take care of our mental health, we need to unwind. This massage is calming and helps do this leaving you feeling refreshed. As an athlete, this may also be beneficial to you after a big week of competition and can reduce your stress by calming your mind.

We are based at Oxstalls Campus, the University of Gloucestershire, however, our massage services are under a mobile service where we come to you. When you book online with the form below we will be in contact to arrange a suitable date for your session.


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Injury Assessment

  • Soft Tissue Dysfunctions

  • Joint Analysis

Leg Injury

Kano Health and Fitness provides an affordable injury assessment by looking at potential soft tissue dysfunctions including muscular strains, ligament and connective tissue damage and tightness.


We take our clients through a postural and movement analysis to assess your range of movement, strength and any compensatory movements which your body may be displaying to help us assess your injury and the best treatment method for you.

This injury assessment service is essential if you wish to undergo treatment with us. We are currently based at Oxstalls Campus, University of Gloucestershire and also offer a mobile service to the local surrounding area for our assessments. 


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Injury Treatment

  • Must have previously had an 'Injury Assessment' under Kano Health and Fitness

  • Massage and Stretching sessions

  • Regular movement analysis

Sports Injury

In order to undergo treatment at Kano Health and Fitness at our low rates, you must have previously had an 'Injury Assessment' with one of our therapists. We will deliver massage sessions where necessary fro your soft tissue injury and may include stretching sessions and mobility work.

Our customers beenfit from this service, joint with the injury assessment saving you £5 per massage session when treating an injury, compared to our maintenance massage service.

Once we have assessed your injury we will be in contact with you to discuss treatment methods. If our massage services are of best interest to you we will arrange a suitable date and time to begin treatment.


Pre / Post Event Massage

  • Multi-Event Service

  • Pre-Event Massage (variable)

  • Post-Event Massage £15

Track Race

We can work with your or your team to enhance your performance or recovery with our Pre / Post Event massages. We currently work with Gloucester Gladiators, the University of Gloucestershire's American Football Team delivering their event and weekly maintenance massages. If you are interested in a discounted deal for your sports team email us at

Pre Event Massage

Our massage techniques can enhance your performance by helping with warming up the muscles, improving mobility and firing up the neuromuscular system. We can work with teams before a game or individuals during multi-event or multi-race days. Our pricing system is dependant on the number of massages and participants involved.

Post Event Massage

A post-event massage can be really beneficial not only to help with recovery but with a great relaxation element. These massages are slower will target the main muscle groups used in your sport. Athletes often find this opportunity useful to reflect on their performance and we are always open to deliver training and performance advice alongside where necessary. These massages typically last between 15-30 minutes.


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