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On visiting you are accepting and give consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions. When you order a product from us, or provide us with your personal data we give you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving information from us about other services or products (as applicable). Opting out can be achieved through emailing us with the email address set out below.


Collecting Information
Personal Data may be collected about you by a number of methods including, but not limited to; Product Purchases (collecting your contact details, method of payment, your bank details), Enquiries or Communications with us (collecting your contact details and any other information relevant to your case), Signing up as a Member of Kano Health and Fitness (collecting your contact details), Registering your interest in our products or services (collecting your contact details), Client Consultations and Health Declarations (contact, medical and any other relevant details).


Using Your Personal Information
Your Personal Data shall be used solely for the purposes listed below and will be deleted when keeping your data is no longer required. Usage of information includes; identification of customers, processing customer purchases / orders, marketing analysis and customer profiling, communication regarding products similar to your purchase history by means of which you have not opted out of, communication with you regarding any product or service we offer, have offered, offer in the future, by means of which you have not opted out of, genuine legal cases or regulatory purposes whereby your Personal Information may be required, detection / prevention of fraud, detection / prevention of loss, track and trace systems for the prevention of a COVID-19 outbreak. If you have signed up to the 'Get Up and Go' Bootcamp Sessions we may share your contact details (including, but not limited to, name, student number and email) with The University of Gloucestershire for purposes for attendance tracking. In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, we may attempt to contact you to advise you to self isolate or get a test, we will do this by any means of contact details which you have provided us with.


Information given by a representative of another person will confirm that they understand and have no objection whatsoever to this Privacy Policy 


Protecting Information
Kano Health and Fitness is created, hosted and maintained on platform. This platform allows us to sell products to you but also assists in safe, secure and legal storage of your information on their database and other application. All data with is secured with a firewall on their servers. All information given to us from you is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software. Collecting, storing and disclosing any personal information we hold is regulated and on request of any data, proof of identity may be required. Any information collected in physical forms, including, but not limited to, consent forms, physical activity readiness questionnaire, and other pre-plan forms, will be stored securely in a locked, fireproof safe, and used solely to assist in Personal Training, Sports Massage, marketing / research and track and trace purposes solely related to Kano Health and Fitness. You may be contacted regarding any product or service we offer, have offered and / or offer in the future, by means of which you have not opted out of. Your information may be shared with local and governmental authorities where we feel there is a genuine health and safety concern, at which point we may inform you (if appropriate). We will not share any other information with health care professionals, or third parties unless we have written permission from you prior. Any information received over email, including (but not limited to) technical assessment videos and any forms prior to prescription is stored securely on a password-protected drive.


Online Shopping
When you purchase any goods from our website or sign up to become a Kano Health and Fitness member, we collect your personal information in forms of, but not limited to; contact details, addresses and bank details. and Wix Payments permit and process payments. The gateways offered by and used by Kano Health and Fitness follow the PCI-DSS standards as managed by the PCI Security Standards, in conjunction with brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You can read’s full Privacy Policy here.


Communication over the Internet, Third-Party Websites and Links

We may send out emails regarding our products or services. You are given the opportunity to opt-out of this option by means listed in this policy. This choice can always be changed by emailing us with the email address set out below. Use of email or other forms of communication over the internet, unless encrypted, will not be secure and Kano Health and Fitness cannot accept responsibility for any loss of your Personal Data or access obtained by any unauthorised person. 


Our website may contain links transferring you outside of our website. No Personal Data is transferred across to these third party websites. These third-party websites or companies working as representatives may send advertisements directly to your browsers from their website. These third parties will receive your IP address. Third parties may use Web beacons, JavaScript and Cookies along with other technology in order to make advertisements personal and effective. This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices these third-party websites perform and we do not have access to any of these cookies. For further information regarding their Privacy Policy please refer to their websites. By accepting this Privacy Policy you will hold Kano Health and Fitness and their employees harmless for any loss with the use of these third parties.


Our site uses cookies. These may be used for a number of purposes including, but not limited to; navigation between pages, recognition of your computer to avoid multiple inputs of information, username and password recognition to avoid re-entering at each new webpage, tracking webpage usage to improve efficiency and ensure sufficient capacity.


There are a number of cookies which we may collect and store. They follow three categories. Category 1 cookies are for use of the website, these are necessary to navigate around the website and obtain access to secure areas of the site. You will not be able to use some services such as shopping baskets if these are not provided. Category 2 cookies track webpage usage and common feature used to ensure effective running. All information held is anonymous and personal data is not stored. Category 3 cookies hold the personal information yet this is anonymised. They store information such as usernames, language settings and regions. They further enhance the smooth running of the website specific to an individual.


Activity outside of this website will not be tracked with these cookies. Through accepting this privacy policy (by using our website), you agree to the usage of such cookies and storage on your computer.


Additional Information

This Privacy Policy is set out by Kano Health and Fitness, any questions or concerns regarding privacy and relating matters to this policy should be addressed via email with the email address set out below. 


All information held is personal information about individuals and does not include information about companies or third parties. We hold the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. The amended version will take immediate effect upon publication and you will be notified of any changes here, so please check this Policy regularly. On accepting this Privacy Policy or by using our website you will not hold Kano Health and Fitness liable for any changes to this Privacy Policy. Copies of this privacy policy can be obtained upon request, please contact us for further details regarding this by using our email set out below. You can request your personal information at any time by emailing us, we may request proof of identity for this matter and a fee may be applicable. 


If you are aware that we are holding inaccurate or outdated information about yourself then please contact us and we can correct this information.


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