Personal Training
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How We Work


Kano Health and Fitness has a emphasis on designing training and treatments backed up with scientific research.


In the field of health and fitness there are a number of misconceptions around training approaches. We tackle these misconceptions and programme correctly.

We work to your goals. Weight lifting? Increasing muscle mass? Weight loss? Strength? Sports Performance? Improving Health?

What You Get


For £15 you will receive a 60-minute instructed session designed with your needs in mind. Each session is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in the best way to suit you. We consider your interests, dislikes, motivations and current lifestyle when planning each session and can modify any session at any time. 

At the start of your journey at Kano Health and Fitness you will undertake a FREE consultation, which helps us decide what training methods are best for you and we will regularly track your progress in the sessions to help us ensure that your training is exactly what you need and exactly how you like it.

Being a customer to our Personal Training service you are also entitled to FREE coaching advice for any training which you undertake outside of your instructed session.



Personal Training is booked via email at

We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an appropriate time for your consultation.

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