Personal Training

All our personal training services have been made 'COVID-19 secure' and are regularly updated following government guidance. Sessions take place outdoors while facilities are closed and these may often use the natural environment with little to no equipment. Any equipment which is used will be cleaned before and after use and our trainers will practice social distancing at all times. We have also waived any cancellation fees in the event of any self-isolation requirements.


Outdoor 1-1 Training

  • 60-Minute Instructed Session

  • FREE Consultation

  • FREE Technique Advice

  • Online Training Available

  • 10% OFF all online orders

At Kano Health and Fitness we design our sessions around scientific research and use our experience to deliver the highest quality of training to you while ensuring training is varied and enjoyable. Each client is given a FREE consultation prior to their first session to help us work within your abilities, and reach your training goals in ways which you enjoy and see results from. 

Our sessions are based outdoors across Gloucestershire and Online. Some of our exercises may use the natural environment, such as hill sprints, and may use little to no equipment. Any equipment that we do use will be cleaned before and after use and our trainers will maintain social distancing at all times. 

If you prefer to train in the comfort of your own home then take advantage of our 'Online Training' option where we bring the gym to you. We don't need much space to deliver an excellent session.


'COVID Friendly' Training Programme

  • 6-Week Progressive Plan

  • Outdoor or At Home Plans

  • FREE Consultation

  • FREE 30-Minute explanatory session

  • Any goals and any equipment

  • 10% OFF all online orders

This training programme has been popular throughout the March COVID-19 lockdown. We design a 6-week training plan which is specific and progressive to you. Our FREE consultation helps us understand your needs, and training abilities so that we can programme accurately for you.


Athelte? We can also provide a movement specific training plans to help reach your peak performance. No equipment? We have an extensive range of exercises which require no equipment or can be easily performed at home.

Along with the 6-week plan, to help you kick start your training we offer a FREE 30-minute explanatory session to answer any questions you have around your programme and provide demonstrations and lifting advice.

Your training programme is produced as a PDF file and we complete our consultations over video call.


Small-Group PT

  • 60-Minute Instructed Session

  • Designed for individual goals

  • FREE Consultation

  • Suitable for 2-4 clients 

  • 10% OFF all online orders


Training with a friend, partner or family member is always fun. Our small-group sessions are a great way to add a real competitive edge to your training and create lasting memories. Each client is given an initial consultation FREE of charge to understand your individual or combined training goals.

We often use partner exercises and competitive games or races to boost enjoyment throughout the session. We accept a maximum group size of 4 and a minimum of 2 clients, charging £10 per client, making this training cheaper than our 1-1 sessions.

Each session will be designed with social distancing in mind (if necessary), and we will ensure that any equipment used is not shared with partners until cleaned. Our standard cleaning procedures before and after sessions still stand. Clients from the same household (or bubble) will NOT have to follow these strict measures.




Technique Assessment

  • Biomechanical Review

  • Standard Analysis  £5

  • Advanced Analysis £10

  • Corrective exercises available

  • Verbal cues

Training can be a complicated journey when you have little or no coaching. A saying we use is, 'practice makes permanent'. If you continually play sport or train with poor technique, your body will get used to these incorrect and potentially damaging movement patterns. Whether your an athlete or bodybuilder, we can assess your training technique or sporting action. In the past we have assessed Olympic lifts, tennis serves, a football cross, powerlifting and squat technique.

Standard Analysis

We will assess your technique with a basic biomechanical overview and highlight any observable faults. You will also be given coaching points and verbal cues to aid in correcting your fault.

Advanced Analysis

Your technique will be thoroughly assessed with a biomechanical review and we will highlight observable faults. Our coaching points will not only aid you in correcting your fault but will aim to enhance your performance. These coaching points will come in combination with corrective or alternative, regressive exercises to help you master your sporting action.

We will require video evidence of your technique or sporting action for your assessment.


If we find no faults with your technique you will NOT be charged.

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