Injury Assessment
University of Gloucestershire
What You Get


Hamstring strain in football? ACL tear in Netball? Lower back pain from lifting? 


You can injure a muscle in and outside of sport, from incorrect lifting technique at home or work, to poor landing mechanics in sport, our bodies can break over time.


With our soft tissue dysfunction assessment we can assess your body focusing on range of movement, compensatory movements, posture and perceived pain.


In this assessment we can prepare a treatment method for you to help you get back to your work, sport or normal lifestyle.  Therapists will make notes on your condition and plan a treatment with an assessment booklet.


It is recommend that follow up massage treatments are booked at £20.

Follow Up Treatment


Valid for those who have previously had their injury assessment.

A sports massage increases blood circulation, reduces 'scar tissue' and improves mobility.  These changes will help speed up repair, and aid the client in returning to their normal functioning self. 


Each massage treatment will cost £20



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